With practice and repetition comes understanding which your puppy will be building as they navigate situations that occur in the real world.

Doors and Floors: What to do when food is dropped on the floor?  Or, when someone opens a door?  The kindergarten-level answer to these questions will be the focus of some games this week.

Knocks and Bells:  What are those startling (bark provoking) noises?   Pups will be introduced to these two sounds at a very low level with great rewards so they may be calmer in the future.

Watch me Walk II:  What to do when there is another dog nearby on a leash?  We will focus on calmness and playing “Can you still…?” while out walking.

Each day there will be some form of physical activity to help youngsters learn about balance and how many legs they have.

No puppy will ever be asked to go beyond their comfort level with any given scenario.

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