Zoom, Zoom:  Dogs can be nervous around many house hold items and in this week, we will be bringing out the paper bags, blender, hair dryer, printer and vacuum.  Rest assured that the introduction to these ‘puppy-eating monsters’ will be slow and calm.    The puppies are watched continuously for any signs of discomfort and progress is in the control of the student.

Toy Rules:  We will continue to practice how to ‘Give’ a toy when asked, how to resist re-grabbing a toy before being invited and how to calm down after getting ‘jazzed up’.

We will be revisiting some of the previous activities but with a bit of a challenge.  Think of Dr. Seuss’s book Green Eggs and Ham! (Can you do it in a box?) He must have been a great dog trainer.

The purpose is to help pups generalize their understanding of life with humans.  They will start to appreciate that “sit” can be done in a house, on the grass, in a car and perhaps even while there is another dog nearby.

Spa Day:  Handling activities will help with looking in the mouth, nail trimming, paw wiping and ear cleaning.

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