Private Lessons

Feeling a little “stuck” with unwanted behaviours? Raising a dog in a people’s world is not always easy. Frustration can mount when there is a difference in how the owner would like their dog to behave and how the dog is actually behaving. True happiness is life with a dog who knows what is expected of him or her and behaves appropriately around people and their possessions. When this happens, both owners and pets will experience increased ease and joy in day-to-day life.

Private lessons allow you to have some one-on-one time with me (Colette) in your own home where the struggles are occurring. The form below will give me an idea of the problems you are experiencing and how long they have been occurring. 

An initial visit will be set up to discuss what behaviours you would prefer to see (your goals) and to explore the best training options for you and your household.

Not all behaviour modification will look the same for all dogs and Colette will incorporate food, toys, touch, soft voice and play (or something else, depending on your dog) as rewards to help in the learning process. Methods are based on scientific findings and will take into consideration the personality of each dog. Training will be conducted at the learner’s pace to reduce stress and increase the speed of acquisition.