Boarding Service (Dogs up to 55 lbs)

Day Time Care **

<15 months $60/night $10/hour
Training Support* +$10/night - -
 1 dog $50/night $8.50/hour
2 dogs $95/night $15/hour
3 dogs $120/night  $20/hour

*Dogs whose behaviours need special attention and/or training to support their time at K9Junction.  These behaviours include strong resource guarding, other-dog reactivity, severe fear of people and aggression at doors and aggression at fences.  These behaviours should be brought to my attention during the meet and greet (a complimentary session at my house before boarding).  I will request that private training be done with me first before I am able to take your dog for boarding, but this is not a guarantee of boarding.

Please note that I am not able to accept dogs with severe separation anxiety.  I would point you to contact Chantal Mills, owner of the Ottawa Canine School who is certified in Separation Anxiety support.

**Daytime care is a service for my current training clients to support their dog's training journey.

Puppy Program (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

"Fun"dations 1 and 2 ............................................................. $450/2 weeks (based on 12 hours per week)
Confidence and Clarity 3 and 4 ............................................. $450/2 weeks (based on 12 hours per week)
Full Program  ....................................................................... $850/4 weeks  (based on 12 hours per week)

Private Training

History/Intake $150 Intake duration: 1 - 1.5 hours via video chat.

Training packages include the intake as the first session

Depending on the work being done, clients may choose to drive to the K9 Junction location.

In-home training service area is Orleans, Ontario.  Locations adjacent to but outside of Orleans will have an added travel fee that will be discussed at the initial meeting.

Training Packages 3 sessions @$150 - $450

5 sessions @$140 - $700

8 sessions @$130 - $1,040

10 sessions@$120 - $1,200

Services:  Lessons will be given either online or in person or a combination of both and are to the discretion of K9Junction.  Training is based on scientific findings and is force-free.  In order for training to 'take hold' clients agree to follow the recommended preventative measures and practice the exercises on a regular basis.  Suggested readings are often offered and there may be requests for video to be taken and uploaded for review to enhance the learning journey.  Depending on the exercises, training can be in- or outdoors.  Scheduled, between-session phone calls are available (included with the sessions) for 'check ins' and to solidify course content/offer support.

Rules of Engagement:  Clients may be asked to crate their dogs, have their dogs on leash or restrained/contained in other fashions appropriate to the dog and situation.  "Strong" Equipment such as choke chains, pinch collars and e-collars (shock or beep collars) will not be used in training sessions by K9Junction.  If the goal of the client is to move away from the use of such equipment, agreements about how best to support the dog in the use and termination date of such equipment will be discussed before training sessions take place.

Cancellation Policy:  It is recommended that session dates be adhered to as closely as possible to maintain a consistent flow in the lessons.  Sessions are once per week with a built-in grace period (eg. 3 sessions have 4 weeks to be completed).  Missed sessions will not be rescheduled or refunded.  A cancellation may  be rescheduled as long as it lands inside of the agreed-upon end date.  In the situation of  K9Junction having to cancel, a new session date will be agreed upon at the time of the cancellation.   Please send cancellations by text or phone call only @  613-323-0885 

Payment Policy:  Payment can be made via e-transfer or Stripe (Credit Card) and is non refundable.  Payment will be collected when a package is chosen either on the phone or at the end of the initial visit.

Photo and Video: Photos and videos taken and/or submitted are the property of K9Junction and may be used for marketing/website/case studies etc. If you would prefer your submissions not be used, please indicate via email to [email protected].

Children and Training:  Because many natural dog behaviours such as greetings, resource guarding and self-protection (and other behaviours not named, but implied) include potential biting, jumping and scratching etc., it is not always appropriate for children to be part of the training.  Even if such behaviours have never been displayed by the client dog(s), inclusion of the trainer in the home, the introduction of new equipment or a change in the dog's perception of events can result in unexpected behaviours from the dog.  It is recommended that children under the age of 10 be supervised away from the training session.  K9Junction reserves the right to request children even older than 10 years of age be removed from the training session if deemed necessary for safety and/or other reasons.