Learn to Earn:  Puppies will start earning great stuff as they practice making good choices in given situations. For example, sitting to be greeted by a stranger or waiting for their food bowl to be put on the floor.  This is known among trainers as “Learn to Earn” and is an early step in developing your puppy’s ability to think critically.

Who Am I?:  One of the first things to teach your puppy is their own name and that when they hear and respond to it, great things will happen.

Dressed for Success:  Dogs are not born with harnesses, collars and leashes, nor with coats and boots.  With gentle handling and respecting each dog’s comfort levels, puppies will practice having equipment and clothing put on.

Puppies will also be introduced to sights, sounds and experiences that may or may not be new to them. For example, vacuum cleaners, skateboards and children at play.

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