So, my last little craze in life is crochet.  I sneak down to my craft room at night (recently, my hubby has actually agreed to letting the boarders (those which care to) come down with me) to the Crazy Dog Lady’s digs (aka the basement) and hang out while I search around for hat, scarf and (most importantly) dog sweater patterns.

For other dog/crochet enthusiasts out there I have found one that is fun for very little dogs on Youtube titled “easy Crochet Dog Sweater Tutorial” by Annoo Crochet Designs.  It is mainly a puff stitch sweater.  I do every second row with a long single crochet just to snug those puff stitches in a little bit.  Annoo is a soft-speaking French (I think) woman who seems very proper and makes sure that she is enunciating very well, but then throws in these unexpected winks, clucks and kisses.  I find her quite endearing.

Here is what I have done so far.  (My first video thanks to my son’s patience to show me how to edit, etc.)

If you have found a crochet pattern you like, please share.  I would love to try it out.

Ok…So…Dog Paw Pads.

During these cold months, I like to keep near my door a container of “invisible boot”.  I have a cloth there that, before going out, I give a wipe of this moisturizing and protecting cream to the underside of the dogs’ paws.  The pads are soft and they do absorb things from outside so the salt can really hurt if the dog’s paw is dry and cracked.

Bag Balm is another product that I knew from horsey days.  It should be readily available at Apple Saddlery if you are having a hard time finding it elsewhere.  Here is some info.

I also found this home made paw wax that looks pretty good.  I am very late to offer it for Christmas gifts (the video is really great for giving packaging ideas if you do want to send it out as gifts for whatever reason) but I think it is an appropriate tutorial for any winter month.   (scroll down a bit past the video on tick removal to see the paw wax.)

If your dog can tolerate them, won’t kick them off and you don’t mind putting them on, dog booties are a sure fire way to protect those delicate pads.

Other tips to help your dog’s feet are to wipe them off after each walk, keep nails trimmed so they don’t split in the dry winter and keep the hair on the underside of his or her foot trimmed with scissors or (if your dog allows it) with trimmers.  this will stop painful salt and ice from getting stuck under there.  One last note is to purchase pet-friendly de icer.  Many of the chemicals used to melt the ice are very toxic and can cause sores on your dog’s pads.

All my best and Happy Training.


Dog Sweaters and Healthy Paw Pads

2 thoughts on “Dog Sweaters and Healthy Paw Pads

  • January 23, 2018 at 9:09 am

    Hey Colette,

    Thanks for some leads on paw care. Will we see a photo of a puppy sweater on your blog?

    Talk soon Lynne

    • January 23, 2018 at 12:32 pm

      Hi Lynne; not just a photo but a real movie clip, edited and linked to YouTube via hyperlinked words. Pretty fancy, lol (Thanks to Caleb, naturally).

      I had not been thinking of good old Vaseline when I was writing the blog, but google would tell us if It is safe for paws. If it is acceptable, it Is cheap and readily available.

      Keep the candles and flashlight near you for the storm coming your way. We had lots of freezing rain here in Orleans.

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