Hello to all:

May I just say…Double Vaxxed and 14 days plus.   Funny how that would have meant absolutely nothing to me a couple of years ago.

It is a very muggy day here in Ottawa, but the Covid restrictions are lifting (although I doubt Covid is yet done with us, so please do continue to wear masks and social distance) and we are the hosts of a delightful couple whom we have known for years and who just happen to be passing through Ottawa.  We are going to see a Movie!!!  And going out for Dinner!!!  (Yes, I  DO live dangerously, lol)  I have a big smile on my face in anticipation of seeing them.  Our first out-of-town, overnight guests in 2 years.

I have begun (not quite whole heartedly yet, but I have my toe in the pool) a course that is very much geared to women who are business owners (Dog-business owners, even).  The wonderful goal of our Coach is to guide us to, and show us how, to break through the glass ceiling and anything else that is stopping us from shining in our own lights.  Does it make me nervous and afraid?  Oh Yes, it does!  (I think Module 3 relates to this, lol)

But, listen to this;  Women should be in business and should be as successful as they hope to be.  Why? Because (and these paintbrush strokes are neither all inclusive, nor all exclusive, They are just some fun little facts) women invest back into the community, women hire more people and…when girls in developing countries get to stay in school for just 2 more years, The GNP of the whole country increases!!   Wow!  Women are pretty cool!

I had the joy today of being invited by one of my young neighbours, who is both a dog and new horse owner, (so jealous, lol) to come watch her agility class at WAG (West Carleton Dog Agility Club).  What fun.  It was a delight, on a beautiful morning and after a beautiful drive, watching everyone enjoy learning a great sport with their furry companions.  What I liked the most is that in the class, there was my neighbour, I believe she is 13, all the way up to a lovely lady, hair of snow and accent of the Isles, right along with her.  Playing with your dog is ageless!

Women in Business and Ageless Agility