Happy Canada Day to all.

I am back home in Ottawa after visiting my family in the Maritimes for a month.  A well needed rest and a truly delightful time with my parents and sisters.  We can’t forget to treat ourselves once in a while.

My folks had a lot of work to be done but, together and on a daily basis, we managed to plow through many garden and household “Spring Cleaning” chores.  I felt very much like the tortoise; slow and steady.  Boy! did we get a lot done.

The steady bit-by-bit pace inspired me to do the same with training my little guy, Peanut, to do a lovely hind end swing into a heeling position.  Five minutes a couple of times a day over a week and we now have a pretty decent heel on the left side both in the house and out of the house with a few distractions.  Not bad for a behaviour that I had been struggling to train in an on-and-off fashion for about 6 months.   Slow and steady is DEFINITELY the better way to go.

So, Canada Day…A HOT one!

Heat exhaustion; it is crucial to watch out for the signs on a day like today as the temperatures and humidity are suffocating.   If you can leave your buddy in a nice cool basement with access to water and lots of activities  for mental stimulation, please do so.  Here are some signs that  your dog is overheating and you need to act Quickly on his or her behalf.

How to Treat (and Possibly Save!) An Overheated Dog

Homage to the Tortoise and Hot, Hot, Hot